Profit From Your Passions & Purpose

The Purpose Project is an 8 Week Self Empowerment, Purpose & Business Building Journey for those ready to profit from their passions AND build a life and relationship with themselves that they will love.

If you want a personal AND business coach in your corner to guide you step by step to create or re-create your ideal life and business - then this program was build for you.

A year from now you will look back in wonder at what we created together and pinch yourself! I will share with you the in depth strategies, inner shifts, health hacks, empowered mindset skills, planning, marketing and management to ensure you can Profit from your Purpose.

Get ready to implement my famous 8P Process & live life on your terms.


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Discover the exact same strategy Heidi uses with her millionaire clients that enables them to not only love their work but make exponential profits. 

This quiz helps you discover how to go from where you are to where you want to be in LIFE HEALTH AND BUSINESS in record time NO MATTER YOUR STARTING POINT!


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The One Reason Why Most Of The Population Is Surviving Instead Of Thriving....

They Don't Feel Good Enough.

I know for a fact that you are sitting on a unique genius idea or business that could accelerate you to live a life of freedom that you design your way. It's possible that even the life experience that you have had - is the birth place of that idea.

Maybe you already know your purpose and have a business - but it's just not giving you the results you expected?

So why aren't we there yet - living our dream life?

It all comes down to something called the "Early Human Mind" which is geared to keep you safe and small so you are always 'accepted'. The problem with buying into what your mind tells you is that you never feel good enough, follow the status quo and live a life based on what others believe is acceptable and not at all based on your true genius. At best it's well below what you are capable of and I'm guessing it lacks fulfilment?

This is why I believe that mindset matters just as much as marketing - this is why I believe that doing the inner work will accelerate the outer work in record time.

I don't just believe it - I know it to be true.

From my own personal experience (yep I've put my money where my mouth is) and through the experience of doing this over and over again with my clients.... crafting a powerful vision for your life and using your unique purpose and skills - you can have that life much faster than you think.

Transform your mind and you will transform your life.
This is what we will do together.


    Heidi Shannon is a master Life, Wellness & Business coach. Founder of Alive Wellness Retreats, Alive Wholefood Stores, Illuminate With Us, HP Unlimited High Performance Coaching & the Purpose Project.

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    Life On Your Terms - Are You Ready To Create It?

    Imagine a world where everyone was serving up their unique skills and genius with passion and are so fulfilled by what they GET TO do everyday that they jumped out of bed excited for more?

    It is my mission to SET YOUR MISSION on fire so that this can be your reality.

    You see there are so many peeps out there living a mediocre existence well below what they deserve & is possible. They are not sharing their unique gifts and are stuck in jobs they dislike desperate for freedom. There are also so many entrepreneurs who are struggling to see the results they want and are on a never ending hamster wheel working harder than they ever did for someone else and gaining little traction. There is a large chunk of the population living without purpose and meaning and who falsely believe they 'have to find their purpose' somewhere outside of themselves and feel lost and stuck.

    I've been all of this - stuck in jobs I hated, lost with no direction and struggling to make ends meet working 15 hour days in my own business. Even if I did find some success - I would sabotage it without even realising.

    And this is where what I call INNER SHIFTS have to come in to play before we create anything. You see what I learned over the past 18 years in the business coaching, life coaching and mental health space - is that the inner work is more powerful than any marketing campaign when it comes to profiting from your purpose.

    What I teach you comes from my own personal experience, the trials and tribulations and the proof of doing this with thousands of others.

    I'll teach you how to transform your limiting beliefs and be rid of your 'I'm not good enough stories' because they are holding you back and creating imaginary ceilings and real life roadblocks that is limiting your ability to live life on your terms. The life you want is there - guaranteed - it is available to you. Your mind is the only thing in the way.

    I can teach you exactly how I went from struggling waitress to flipping businesses, building the world's first natural mental health retreat centres, renovating multiple properties, coaching with passion over more than 10 000 hours, gaining more wealth and freedom than I ever thought possible and maintaining balance  in life and a relationship with myself that is unbreakable.

    I teach you the exact steps, roadmap, tools, planning, marketing, manifestation and self empowerment tools that I use everyday.


    Heidi Shannon

    What My Clients & Industry Leaders Say About My 8P Process

    ​Power. Presence. Purpose. Plan. Project. Perspective. Play.

    I've shared the stage with some of the most powerful, impactful and experienced coaches in the world...


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    This Is The Journey You Will Take:

    Here is everything you could achieve with Heidi:

    • Remove Your Limitations & Blockages You will learn how to lose the limiting beliefs and inner roadblocks in your way of having your dream life

    • Design Your Dream Life & Take BIG Action Using Your Purpose To Reach It Fast You will learn how to design life on your terms, step into service, use your unique gifts to share to the world and attract what you deserve in record time

    • Create Products, Services & Businesses With Passion & Soul & Profit Design your products and services from the heart and share your uniqueness with the world without apology. Become fearless and confident.

    • Learn to Market & Sell & Attract with Ease Explore the fastest easiest way and be resourceful is sharing your gifts with the world, adding value and in return receiving massive value back. 

    Ready to live a life of true fulfilment and meaning?
    Join The Purpose Project.



    Join Me - 

    • You will be learning firsthand from someone who has actually lived the freedom lifestyle and built multiple 6 figure businesses that profit from my purpose

    • You will walk away with practical strategies and a game plan to ensure you are ready for the dream life that we will create together and each week you will take action on this plan

    • You will learn how to build wealth with your gifts/brand/offering/message with a solid plan on how to build your stream instead of just walking away with knowledge that stays in your head.

    • You will have the mindset, marketing and manifestation tools that become a game changer when setting your passions on fire in the world

    • You will also build a relationship with yourself and your body that will continue to give you the true meaning, fulfilment and happiness you are seeking

    Would you like to access my proven 8 Process for turning your Purpose into Profit in record time?

    The change you want to see and be, the step by step support you are craving, the tools to define your unique purpose, the roadmap that will launch your idea into reality... it's all here inside THE BLUE PRINT GUIDE TO POWER UP YOUR PURPOSE. If you are ready to make a rapid shift in mindset, design your dream life of freedom on your terms, create soul filled products and services from our passions, launch and market a business that profits, rise up and serve with purpose no matter what - this 30 Page workbook + 9 Videos valued at $99 is for you. But guess what - today it's $9 - if you use the CODE BP90. 24 Hours only - get access here.

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